Close our eyes, pretend to fly

Jun 5

Today, my awesome anonymous friend’s narrative of choice is that Louis is pregnant.

(And how hilarious it would be if he really could get pregnant)

Her story thus far:

  • Harry isn’t sure he’s ready to be a father, and that’s why Louis was (allegedly) crying during that one concert.
  • That’s also why Louis was pictured alone yesterday — he was taking some time to think about his options.
  • But Louis is definitely keeping the baby (and Harry is adjusting to the idea).
  • Liam has been seen all over London this week because he’s been running errands for knocked-up Louis.

And the hilarious commentary:

"I would love to see bitchy pregnant Louis.  Pregnancy hormones would turn him into a monster of epic proportions”

(My added commentary: “Oh God, Harry would either divorce him or just smoke a lot of weed”)

"He would actually kill Nick or anyone who so much as looked at Harry"

"Damn nature"

"But you know Harry is a sucker for babies and for Louis"

"He would be so delighted"

"He’d smile through all the shit"

"And think he’s the luckiest motherfucker in the world"

“‘Look how pretty Louis looks while disemboweling that interviewer’”

"But God, it would be hilarious"

"They’d have to cancel all interviews"

"And no phone interviews for Harry while he’s around Louis, either"

(My added commentary: “LMAO.  ’Tour’s cancelled.’  ’Why?’  ’Idk but I heard one of them is pregnant’”)

And now she’s describing the scene where Harry tells his family that Louis is going to have his baby LOL.